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I have been playing bass since a very early age. I picked up the bass after catching the love of music from my older brothers who needed a bassist to finish and inexperienced but enthusiastic trio.

While growing up I passed through many bands of different genres collecting experience and ideas along the way. My attitude towards the bass changed (as I think a lot of bassist do) when I discovered some of the great players such as Jaco, Wooten, Patitucci etc... Seeing these guys play really opened my eyes to what the bass is capable of, not just a backline instrument but also a very expressive top line instrument.

In 2001 I attended the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford where I was lucky enough to be tutored by and play along side such musicians Paul Francis (James Taylor Quartet/Paul Weller) and Chad Smith (red hot chillie peppers) While there I feel I matured as a musician and finally felt ready to make the plunge and start my career in the music industry.

I moved to Brighton in 2002 where I was involved with several projects and got the chance to play some sessions in the infamous levellers studio - Metway.

In 2004 I got an offer from a 10 piece soul band based in Plymouth and decided to take it. Never having been that far west in the UK I had no idea what to expect from the music scene outside of the band, but found many talented likeminded musicians and enough gigs to keep me out of trouble for some time! That band turned out to be a big stepping stone and brought me to meet Alex Christaki with whom I formed The Half Quartet. The band survived seven years of successful gigging with me as the bottom end. We played numerous Jazz festivals across the southwest and entertained at events such as the world powerboat championships and even appeared in several television shows, the band, which is still going strong, shows no sign of stopping.


In 2009 as well as the half quartet, I joined the Fresh and very lively funk band Freshly Squeezed. We played many local festivals and events from the Isles of Scilly to Bristol and beyond. Besides that I played many sessions across the southwest including the Mama Stones House Band backing up many local talents including Joss Stone herself.

In 2011 all projects were dropped to join the hard working internationally acclaimed, uk roots warriors 'Wille and the Bandits'. Playing over 250 shows a year from Chester to Geneva it has given me the chance, not only to tour the world and practice sleeping in some very odd places, but to return to my roots musically. The band play a genre of music that can not be pigeon holed but is a jump back for me to my roots of bass playing. The rock feel of a lot of the tunes is more down the lines of what I used to practice in my room when I was young and the trio line-up gives me the freedom to experiment with many different styles and techniques that I have learnt from all my other endeavours.

2012 saw us supporting rock legends Deep purple and expanding our touring radius even further...

Needless to say its all too much fun and that is the exact reason why I do it.

Bring on the music!! :)


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The Bass Centre London

+ 44 (0)1276 453 079

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